Training Log 2018

The plan for 2018:  I am entered to run the SD100 in June -  this is my goal race for the year.  I've also registered for the Leona Devide 50 in April 16 as a qualifier for SD100.

I will start in January primarily with fast hill walks,  feathering in runs initially running the downhills;  also emphasizing core strength work and continuing heel drops for my recovering left achilles.  By the end of January I plan to be at ~ 40 miles per week, roughly half running and half walking.  Steady ramp to 70ish miles/week in preparation for Leona Divide 50 in mid April increasing the fraction of miles done running versus walking.  Then,  peak up for SD100 in June.

Double workouts are denoted, e.g., 4+2;  most mileage below 3 or 4 miles are recovery walks.  Specific walking workouts are denoted with a w, for example, 4w means walk 4miles. 


Week ending 1/7/18:   18miles.     ski/0/0/5.5/5.5/2/5.5
Week ending 1/14/18:  33 miles:   44/3/5.5/5.5/5.5/3+3
Week ending 1/21/18:  38 miles.   5w/4/2w+5/4/ 5.5/ 4/3.1+5.5
Week ending 1/28/18:  46 miles    4w/5.4/5.4/4w/5.4/4w/10(2.5y/7.5r) + 8.5hike
Week ending 2/4/18:    41 miles     -/5.5/7.6/-/10/5.5/13
Week ending 2/11/18:  47 miles:  3w/5/10/0/10/3w/16
Week ending 2/18/18:  40 miles:  -/5/10/-/5/-/20.   Took some rest this week- chest cold.
Week ending 2/25/18:  38 miles:  0/5/5/0/5+2/0/21 & Trailwork on Gabrielino
Week ending 3/4/18:   44 miles:    0/5/0/0/5+2/10+2/22
Week ending 3/11/18:  45 miles:   0/10/1/5/10/1/18
Week ending  3/18/18  52 miles:   0/5/5/5+2(track)/10/0/25   I injured my achilles this week running intervals.  Following week rest & focus on achilles rehab.
Week ending 3/25/18    5 miles    0/0/5/0/0/0/0   focus on eccentric exercises for achilles, lunges & step ups for hamstring/glutes
Week ending 4/1/18:    45 miles          0/0/0/5/10/5/25.  By mid week achilles felt well enough to do some trail runs.  Sunday run was 25 miles/6k climb & decent run under 5 hours, felt OK
Week ending 4/8/18:    56 miles  0/0/19+3/0/10/0/24.  Rest days were spent doing core work including heel drops for the achilles and step ups for hip/glutes/hamstrings.  24 miler went well -  4800 ft of climb, 4:12.
Week ending 4/15/18:  57 miles.  2/0/0/5/0/50/0  Leona Divide.  10:02, ran a training pace.
Week ending 4/22/18                 5/

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