Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mt Wilson- with no knee pain

Great run this morning.  Started a bit after 6am to power walk up Mt Wilson...9 miles in 2:18.  Ran down ...took a detour so the return trip was 10 miles, 90 minutes.  Elevation change between start and finish 4900feet.

The last time I did this run (November 2012) in my Asics, I could barely get out of the car after my drive home;  and I took an ice bath with 20 pounds of ice to deal with my thrashed knees.

Today-  in my trailgloves- no pain, zero.  Quads and knees are fine.

The  calves are still adjusting.  It took 3 days after my Inspriation point run for the soreness to settle down enough that I felt it safe to run.  So I am still alternating between running and walking to allow for the calves to accommodate.  Gratifying that I am able to handle 10 miles of a steep downhill in the minimalist shoes as I did this morning..

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