Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mt. Wilson 20 miler

This morning I got out early and did the walk-up/run-down workout up Mt Wilson, 19.5 miles by GPS from outside the Eaton Canyon  Nature center to the summit of Mt Wilson.

It was a beautiful morning with the air fresh and clean from a light rain that started yesterday afternoon and continued through last night.

I made good time up (2:45) and the round trip time of 4:03 is right on my race pace goal for the Angeles Crest.

I ran in my back-up pair of Merrell Ascend Gloves from 2013, the ones that I used primarily during the 2014 season.  These shoes last!  I tucked a liner in the shoes with a 4mm wedge in the heel for the walk up, then took this out for the run down.  The achilles felt good the whole way.

A little discomfort in the power walk up, the glutes and hamstring on the injured leg are still a bit weak. The run down was great, I feel like I am gaining strength, and managed just under 8 minute miles the whole way.

I feel like I owe a very big thank you to the orthopedic surgeon who screwed me back together after my fall last May.

View from the Mt Wison Toll Road running down this morning-  LA in the distance

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