Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunset trail to Mt Wilson

Was up late last night completing a work project; my wife and kids are at Catalina Island and I just couldn't join them due to need to complete this project.  Alas;  however, having finished around midnight and sent the report off  to the boss for his Sunday am flight departure, I was able to sleep in (to 7am) and then take my leisure about getting out to the trail.

I thought I'd take the Sam Merrill up to Mt Wilson but the parking at North Lake Ave was a zoo.  So off to Millard where the the forest service pass requirement  keeps the parking lot mostly empty.  (and the trails largely free of trash...go figure)..  Hit the Sunset trail at 9:30 ish;  trudged up to the Mt Lowe railway mostly walking, then ran from there to Eaton Saddle, through the tunnel, and on up to Mt Wilson (11.9 miles).  As the gate was locked I snuck through the fence to the left of the gate in order to top off my water bottles.  Then ran on down;  total time 4:37 for 23.7 miles, right on the target 5mph average pace I train at for the 100.  The achilles felt OK;  left side was a bit "there" on the run up but has felt stable these last few weeks.  Right side is solid.

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