Sunday, April 6, 2014

Verdugos 28 miles for a 60 mile week

Got up early to run my old training route in the Verdugos:  Park at La Tuna Canyon exit off the 210;  slog up Holfstater road (3.3 miles) lugging water to make a water stash;  run west to the trailhead out of Burbank (9.5 miles out); turn around and run back to the midpoint for a water stop, then run  east to the trailhead out of La Canada (?) turning around at 20.5 miles; run back to the midpoint and down, total 28.5 miles  in 5:31;  a bit ahead of my nominal 5 miles per hour pace.  Last year I did this run in 5:20, but with a variant making it about 0.75 miles longer, so I was faster last year;  however I feel fine today after the run and last year I pinged a calf on this run (this was before I had learned about foam rollers).

Today I did a lot of walking on the uphills so as to conserve  my achilles and I suppose to convince myself that liberal uphill walking still fits within the 5 mph does.    The achilles have been stable, while not 100%, and I don't want to over do it.    I ran in the Skechers GoBionic Trails.   These shoes have been my mainstay lately and they are about worn out.

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