Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sleep and a rest week

Last night I set my alarm for 5:45am  planning to head out at dawn for a 20 miler up Mt Wilson to complete a 50 mile rest week following the Leona Divide 50 last weekend.  When I woke up at 8:45 I realized that I needed sleep more tha I needed 20 miles.  Instead, I spent the morning cleaning toilets, sweeping up and taking care of neglected domestic chores; these finished, I decided to take a relaxed fun run out in the Arroyo Seco to recharge my batteries.  It was lovely:  Verdant, with the stream sparkling and burbling alongside the trail, a prettier, more inviting  trail is hard to find.  I haven't run in the Arroyo for some time since it was largely destroyed by the Station Fire, and it was great to see that there has been some significant trail work done, although the trail is still marked as closed north of the Paul Little picnic area.

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