Sunday, March 27, 2016

Rest weekend

Given the right hip tenderness I've experienced lately and most particularly last week, I decided to rest this weekend.  On Friday I walked 5 miles and the right hip was tender around the greater troncanter, particularly when the right leg was weight bearing in extension.  Saturday I stretched thoroughly, did a mountain bike ride with my son at Cherry Canyon, and did an upper body workout (27 pullups, 50 pushups, 160 sit-ups) but other than stretching and trigger point massage with a tennis ball I left the hips alone.

Today I did the Mt. Brown ride on my mountain bike (no discomfort riding), stretched and did the following hip workout:

3 x 10 single leg glute bridges
3x20 clamshells with an elastic band
3x15 "fire hydrants with extension"  (
3x 20 SLR with heavy boots
3x20 lateral leg raises wearing heavy boots
3x10 glute "kickbacks" from kneeling position

...and finished it off with tennis ball massage around the front, top, are rear of the greater trochanter.  Its feeling better.

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