Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mt Wilson 30 mile loop for a 72 mile taper week

I ran the Mt Wilson loop today with some extra miles tacked on to make a 30.2 mile course.  I ran this in 5:29 (excluding stops to hunt for water, pump water etc).  It was a cool day -  high seventies with humidity 50-60%.  This probably  accounts for my speed on this course (compared to the June 29 workout it was 1/2 hour faster at the 27 mile point).    But part of this is the tapering,  I felt very strong today, the extra energy from the reduced training volume is flowing.   All systems were "go".  The only trouble spots were:  Backs of the ankles were sore at the achilles attachment points;  my abdominals are tender from the technical downhill running.  I got completely sodden in the humidity so there was some chaffing which just doesn't show in in the usual dry conditions we have in Pasadena..  Stayed on top of the hydration drinking about 2 of 21 oz bottles per hour.  Kept it clear and copious ...ahem.

Next week I'll ramp it down further to about 40-50 miles and watch those achilles attachments and do more situps and pushups to strengthen the abs.

Here are some pix from yesterday's taper "workout":
Boy Against the Sea
My son w/ a Red Rockfish

My son and I had a great time.  He loves to fish the way I love to run.  Seriously, 10 hours standing on a boat is, I think, race specific training (time on the feet!).

Here is a pic from the north side of Mt Wilson this morning.  It was lovely.  I thought it might rain but it didn't.

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