Saturday, July 6, 2013

Three Points to Shortcut and back, 33miles

View at the top of Mt Hillyer, looking north
I indulged myself today and drove up to the Angeles high country for a run on the middle section of the AC100 course.  I started at Three Points (Mile 42.7) and ran to Shortcut Saddle (mile 59.3) and then ran back again for a 33 mile total.  This section of the course has always been my favorite-  I love the arid slopes of Mt. Hillyer and the run through Horseflats and on through Chilao and the sandy trail that drops to Shortcut from Charleton Flats. 

The run had some good elevation with most of the run over 5000Ft and much of it around 6000ft.Total run  time was 6:31 for 33 miles (33.2 by the race book, 32.9 by my GPS), so just under 5 miles per hour.   This doesnt count stops to fool with water, take pictures etc; all that overhead added an hour.  I felt pretty good the whole way and pushed the hydration;  worked the hills on the return trip.  Had a couple spasms in the right soleus in the last 6 miles or so pushing the uphills...uh-oh...but it didn't seem that any damage was done.   Knees were bulletproof the whole run.  My heels were back to aching by the second half of the run (as they did on the Mt Brown run on Thursday).

Tommorrow I will do a walk up Mt Wilson and run down;  I'll wear the Mixmasters with the 4mm drop to take a bit of stress off the achilles tendon attachments.   I saw a lot of AC100 folks running today-  some parties running Chilao to Chantry;  others Cloudburst Summit to Chilao and return;  and a couple of the local AC100 legends were out running from Vincent Gap to Shortcut....and that is a BURLY run at 47 miles....and that is why these folks are legends, they train like serious bad-asses.

Here are a more couple pix from today's run:
A good reason to wear long pants...a lot of poodledog bush in Charleton

Heading towards Chilao from Charleton, note the poodledog bush in this burned area

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