Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mt Wilson, rounding out a 103 mile week, and feeling strong

I got up and hit the trail this morning to do a 20 miler as the book-end of a 30/20 weekend; and capping off a 103 mile week.   As is my Sunday habit, I did Mt Wilson,  powerwalk 10 miles up, then run down.  I started the run purely on training inertia as I really didn't feel like being out there especially after the long hot run yesterday;  but I warmed into it, did the 10 mile uphill leg in 2:37 (which is pretty solid considering the grade..about 4800 ft of climb) and I ran down it fast in 1:15 for a total time of 3:52.  The achilles attachments which were sore yesterday were OK today,  as was the prima donna calf which gave me a couple little jolts during the 33 miler yesterday.  All in all, a fine workout.  It was great  to cap off a 100 mile week with 10 miles at 7:30 pace even if most of that 10 miles is downhill, it felt GREAT and left me feeling energized instead of drained.  Another unexpected pleasure was that I ran into a guy at the spigot on top of Wilson;  turned out this was the guy I hitched a ride with from the hotel to the Leona Divide start (enabling my wife and kids to stay in bed).  Small world.  The hills are thick with ultrarunners these days,  as was the case yesterday, today  I saw several parties out doing 100 miler training what with Tahoe,  Angeles Crest and other races coming up soon.

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