Friday, July 3, 2015

30 miles in humidity, a new record for sweat rate

I ran a long solo run today as I had the day off but my usual running pals had to work.  So I headed up the Sam Merrill trail to the Mt Lowe railway, on up to Mt Wilson via the Mueller tunnel, and then down  the toll road until the GPS read 15 miles;  turned around and went back.  I hit Mt Wilson summit twice for water.

This route has a lot of fire-road but little single track -  running solo this season I avoid remote technical single track.  The lesson of last year, that bones can and do break in falls, has been learned.

All together this little 30 miler had 6330 ft of climb and the run time all in was 6:20, excluding stops it was a bit under 6 hours.  Altogether it was a solid run except for the last few miles where I was feeling rather blown from dehydration.

Accuweather says the temperature peaked at 84F with 48% humidity.  I was soaked in my sweat for the whole run.  I drank altogether 12 bottles of fluids of various kinds, or about 16 pounds of fluid.
When I returned from the run my weight was 144lbs versus a starting weight of 154lbs.  This indicates that I sweat 26 pounds of fluids  today (urine output was minimal).  This equates to a bit over 2 liters per hour of sweat loss.  Holy cow!

I ran in the Hoka Challenger ATRs.  My feet are feeling great.  The right foot injury appears to be gone.  The left foot tenderness on the big-toe joint is about healed.  I've been using homemade metatarsal pads on the left foot liners both in my Hokas and in my  Inov-8s which I am walking around in during the week.

In the last few miles I used my emergency garbage bag on the run down from Echo mountain to pick up other peoples' garbage (I always carry one to be able to make an emergency poncho, but they come in handy for emergency garbage!)  I had the bag filled by the bottom with discarded water and sports drink bottles, baggies of dog poop (!), snot rags, and snack wrappers.  I wish that the cockroaches that leave their litter on trails  like this would simply go hike at the LA County dump instead of "my" front range mountain trails.  I do think there should be a special place in hell for those individuals that bag up their dog's poop and then leave it on the trail for someone else to pick up.  Last week I saw one of these goodie bags at the Eaton Saddle trailhead.  A hiker there opined that it was probably left by an outbound party and that it would be picked up when they returned.  It was still there today, 1 week later.


  1. Kudos to you for picking up other's trash. I don't understand why it is so hard for people. And the dog poop thing blows my mind; if you actually went to the trouble to bag it, why not carry it out? I've heard the bags are bio-degradable, so I guess they think it is ok?

    I've dealt with forefoot pain for the last couple years, it got really bad last year. I tried different shoes, going to PT, nothing seemed to work. I finally took a few months off and the pain went away. I started running recently and sure enough, it popped back! Your last post got me thinking, and I always though the Hoka meta rocker might help, so I picked up a pair of Challengers. So far, I am inpressed, it really fees like running in a normal pair of shoes. I tried Hoka Huaka's before, they don't really seem to have the meta rocker thing happening, they don't have good grip, and they always made me feel sluggish. I'm not feeling any of this in the Challengers (yet)

    1. Hi Chuck! Good luck with the Hokas, I hope they work out for you. I feel pretty fortunate to have found them, they saved my season. I will also add, I've been doing cold/hot soaks and this seems to help: 15 min foot soak in ice water followed by 15 min soak in hot tap water, as hot as I can stand (then I water the flowers with the water!) Good luck and please let me know how it works out.

    2. Chuck, I took some photos of the home-made metatarsal pads I made for the big-toe problem and posted them.