Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Return to Idlehour, 26 miles; then Mt Wilson, 20 miles

Last Sunday, 51 weeks after my fall at Idlehour, I returned running the same counter-clockwise course I'd run last when I broke my hip socket.  Starting out of Eaton Canyon to Mt Wilson, down the Mt Lowe fire road to Inspiration Point, returning via Idlehour to the Mt Wilson Toll Road and back down.  It was beautiful and the stream was running with beautiful cold water which I filtered and drank.

I love this place and was glad to finally return to it.  I'd started into upper Eaton Canyon with some trepidation.  I did carry a satellite messenger as a safety measure having no wish to repeat last years rather long walk out on a fracture.  The run was fabulous and as always I was struck by the raw grandeur of upper Eaton Canyon.

I paid close attention in the canyon to try to find the location where I fell last year.  Oddly enough, I just couldn't find it.  The place seemed smaller that my memory made it out to be and I just couldn't identify where I fell, like it was blanked out of my memory.

On Monday (holiday)  I did my walk-up, run down routine on Mt Wilson, 20 miles in 4:15 or thereabouts.

A great weekend.

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