Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mt Wilson 20 miler

I capped off a 100 mile week with my standard Mt Wilson meat-and potatoes workout:  Hike up 10 miles, gaining about 5000 feet;  then run down.  The hike up was a bit slow (2:50).   I started the run down taking it easy as the upper Toll Road these days is basically a long  scree field with rather unstable footing.  On the lower portion I opened it up and cruised in for a 4:19 round trip.  I felt great.


  1. Nice work, Pete. Sounds like you had it really dialed this weekend. What's your taper plan looking like?

    1. Hi Mark- this week I plan another 100 mile week, more or less replicating the runs I did last week. I'll keep the mileage up during the workweek ending May 27 and then throttle it back over Memorial Day weekend, nothing longer than 15 miles, and just short runs to stay loose during race week.