Sunday, May 8, 2016

Turned the corner with the bruised knee

My long run this morning went well.  I hit the Sam Merrill Trail at 6am and power walked to Echo Mountain.  I started running from there over to the Mt. Lowe railway and on up to Mt. Wilson.  I took the Toll Rd down a mile and a half then turned around and headed back to the summit via the single track (15 miles, 3:20);  then ran down -  total time 5:20 for 27 miles.  Slow, but fast enough.

I took it intentionally slow and kept my stride short to go easy on the bruised knee.  This seems to have worked, the knee felt OK through the run.  I stopped periodically to do bent knee quad stretches.  This was effective in reducing knee discomfort, lasting about 5 miles, then I'd stop and stretch again.

The focus on not over-striding also seems to have benefitted my tender piriformis.  As I think about it, over-striding probably also contributed to my fall two weeks ago: If you catch a toe while over-striding, its difficult to recover, but with a short stride its no big deal.

It was a beautiful morning with clouds flowing over the summit, but  I forgot my camera so no pictures.


  1. Good to hear, Pete. Sounds like your knee is coming around much better than you even hoped it might. I think the overstriding (a by-product of being a fast road runner, I suspect) contributed to the way you got hurt in Idlehour, as well. All the best in your build up to SD!

  2. Thanks Mark- I agree completely with your comment over over-striding having been a contributing factor to my 2014 fall at Idlehour. This is a lesson, it seems, that I keep having to re-learn. Last year I got a small metronome to wear to do cadence work...time to break it out again!