Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 run log plots

Here is a  plot of my weekly mileage over the last year:

Here is a plot of my weekly running since I began recovery in August, 2014 after my May 2014 pelvic fracture:

I am pleased with the steady progression the plot shows.  Also the periodization visible in the chart is solid.  I do think the pre-race AC100 taper was too long (the spike on Aug 1 reflects the AC100).

 I am in better shape going into 2016 than I was at this time last year.  On the other hand I need to get serious about diligently, regularly performing the various hip stabilizing exercises that I had been doing throughout 2015 up to the AC100 race.  I slacked off on these after the AC100--  these exercises are a pain in the butt! (literally).  But as a result I find that my right (injured) leg has gotten weak and the hip flexor attachments particularly have become fairly chronically aggravated.  Over the winter holiday I have resumed doing circuits with glue bridges, step-up exercises, and band exercises (hip flexion, clamshells) and find myself on New Years day 2016 quite sore!

I hope to run SD100 this year and am very grateful that I was able to pull off the training reflected in the charts above-  it was a blast.

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