Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cold and rainy on Mt Wilson

I started this morning's walk-up Mt Wilson around dawn.   At the start, around 1000ft elevation,  there was a light rain but it was warm and felt good.

By 4000ft the wind was whipping a far colder rain sideways and my hands were numb despite fleece mittens and having donned my mountaineering glove shells.  (Yes, I carry a lot of stuff.    I learned in Oregon that hypothermia on long rainy runs is no fun).    I had a windbreaker over a wool shirt and a  polypro shirt,  and was still getting chilled.    I cut the run short and turned around.

There was a couple with a little terrier that I passed just before I turned around.   The guy was very well equipped.   His girlfriend trailed by about 20 ft and was less well equipped, with what looked like a cotton sweatshirt under a windbreaker.   She didn't look too happy.  Her little terrier looked even less happy, soaked and shivering.  The dog ran over to me and looked up, as if to say, "can you please talk to these idiots for me?"  I mentioned to the gal that her dog was shivering.  The guy turned around and glared at me.   They kept going up.

On the run down I saw that Boy-scouts that were camped at Henninger's had broken camp -  they had headed down in rain gear.   Be Prepared.   Two "bad-ass" dads were hiking up in short sleeves, their kids wearing cotton sweatshirts.  On the way down the Toll Rd and through Eaton Canyon Nature Park, I picked up a Starbuck's cup, a Jamba Juice cup or some such, a Sparkletts water bottle, and a McDonald's lunch bag with about 50 ketchup packs.

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