Thursday, September 12, 2013

More on the achilles...what I am doing to heal achilles tendonitis

I have been running each day this week (on Tuesday I walked) and the achilles, while not 100%, are both feeling progressively better.  Here is a run down on what I am doing for them:

  1. I've been icing the achilles on both legs in the morning and evening.  I cannot always ice them after a run (I run at lunch at least half the days during the work week) but do so when I am able.  This makes the achilles feel better for hours afterwords.
  2.   I put on warm socks at night when I sleep.  I do this on the notion that it may improve circulation and therefore healing.
  3. I sleep typically on my stomach;  when I do so I leave my feet hanging over the edge of the bed so that the achilles is not compressed.
  4. I have increased my consumption of yogurt;  and I have been adding a packet of gelatine powder to my morning shakes.  
  5.  I had been using a race walking gait but lately am back into running.  Lately also I have been running in my Skechers Gobionic Trails in 4mm drop mode;  have been putting 1/4 inch heel inserts for running on flat ground to ease up on the achilles.
  6. Friction massage:  I have been doing this lately followed by icing:  and  This is something to be done rarely, never more than one every few days.  My experience is that its very easy to irritate the tendon (or paratendon) so the key for me is to resist the temptation to overdo this.  (Note added later:  I've stopped doing this as I have found that while it brings immediate relief, it promotes achilles soreness).
  7. I have cut verticle slits in the heels of some of my older running shoes (and street shoes) to take all pressure off the achilles area while walking around and while running.
  8. Hamstring stretching helps.

I am looking forward to another 20 miler this weekend at Mt Wilson:  Walk up, run down.  I was a bit surprised how sore the legs were after last Saturday's Mt Wilson workout..  but there it is.  I get in shape quickly but out of shape just as quickly.   I am planning to do a Grand Canyon double crossing in October, time to get the mileage back up.

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