Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mt Wilson loop

I hit the trail this morning at 6:30 and trudged up the Sam Merrill trail to Echo Mtn as the warm-up phase of  the 27 mile Mt Wilson loop.  I felt great.  Once at Echo Mnt (2.6 miles) the grade lessens so I ran from there.  The achilles were golden until Mt Wilson summit (12 miles) where I began to notice my left achilles.

 I started this run in my AscendGloves without socks;  by mile 15 or so I had to stop to put on socks as the right foot had developed a blister.  Later I stopped again and greased it.

The stream crossings within Eaton Canyon were completely dry-  I had anticipated this and had  lugged a lot of water from Wilson summit.  But it was a hot trudge up out of Idelhour.  I did the run in something like 6:15 today, far off the peak training 5:29 for the 29 mile version of this course.

The right achilles was solid the whole run;  the left was decidedly painful coming down the 5 mile Sam Merrill trail descent from Inspiration Point to the Cobb Estate.  I am icing it now and I expect it will be fine.

It was a sparklingly clear, dry day, and great to be out there.

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