Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mt Wilson and some barefoot running

This morning I again did the meat-and-potatoes work out at Mt Wilson:  10 miles powerwalk up; reload at the summit and run down.  It was a beautiful morning, with a marine layer covering Pasadena, and a crisp bite in the air heralding the coming of fall. Absolutely spectacular:


I ran in the Skechers Gobionic Trail with inserted 1/4 inch Dr Sholl's heel lifts.  I have started doing this, as I had found 10 years ago that this helped me get through an achilles injury.  Today my right achilles was pain free but the left side (which was OK last week) was a bit painful both on the walk up and the run down.  It was a slowish workout:  2:45 up;  4:17 total.

I iced the achilles after the run and went about my day with the kids.  I took a midafternoon break-  which started out as a short walk around the block to loosen up and so I left the house barefoot.  It felt good so I started running.  I ended up going 4 miles, barefoot, and neither achilles hurt at all.  Go figure!   I am left wondering if the added heel support I ran in today was a move in the wrong direction, that perhaps I should go in the opposite direction and get the most stable platform (such as:  Concrete) under my feet.  Whatever the explanation the fact was clear, the barefoot run around the neighborhood on concrete sidewalks and asphalt felt great;  the run at Mt Wilson with foam heel lifts did not feel great.  I will try this again this week and see how it goes.

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